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CH&S Day Program Curriculum Pages

With our schedules, we hope to cultivate in the mind of each participant an expectation of meaningful engagement that reinforces the Positive Personal Profile message every day!

There are three categories of schedule options at the CH&S Day Program; each aimed at building self esteem:

1. Work Activity… People respond to the conventional concept of earning pay for constructive use of their time. Whenever possible, we accentuate the purpose of the work and the ways in which it is helping others or a cause.

2. Classes… in large / small group or individual settings…often capturing the flavor of a college environment… and engaging people at whatever participation level at which they can relate.

3. Events… We are all social beings with a basic need to feel that we belong, are contributing, and are succeeding socially within a community that is culturally valuable. Events seek to create community (e.g. birthday parties, collaborative activities, holiday celebrations, etc.)

If we are to “sell” people on their schedule, we must assure that it is a marketable product. To have credibility, there must be substance. For anything and everything found within a CH&S schedule, written protocols, descriptions, guidelines, and curricula exist that are user-friendly for Instructors. Also very important: daily curriculum preparation and training time for Instructors are built into the Program Design.

Here are schedule options listed under each category currently up and running at CH&S:

• Art
• Cinema Studies
• Current Events / Social Studies
• Drama / Humor
• Fashion & Etiquette
• General Knowledge
• Health & Nutrition
• Independent Research Projects
• Language & Communication
• Math / Science
• Music, Games, Recreation Training
• Philosophy / Wisdom
• Physical Education / Yoga
• Professionalism
• Reading / Writing
• Relaxation Training
• Secretarial Training
• Sign Language
• Social Skills
• Spanish

• Assembly & Packaging
• Clerical
• Community Clean-up
• Data Entry
• Deliveries
• Inventory and Stocking
• Janitorial
• Landscaping / Gardening
• Payroll Prep.
• Reception
• Secretarial
• Special Assignments
• Vehicle Maintenance
• Waste Management

Events & Other
• Electives
• End of Day Meetings
• Forum
• Letter Board Project
• Lunch
• Morning Meeting
• Outings
• Schedule Review Meeting
• Special Events
• Video Project

As far as classes go, see descriptions, lists, and samplings of some of the curriculum pages that are in use: see the following PDF resources:

Social Skills
General Knowledge
Current Events
Make Your Own

Our Mission:

"As a community, we build credibility into positive
self-images for all."

Curriculum Pages
in PDF format

You Can Help!

We accept and appreciate donations of any size or kind. All donations to CH&S are tax-deductible. CH&S is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.


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