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These are classes offered by CHAS for administrators, direct service professionals, consultants, and teachers within developmental service settings.

The 4 Pillars of Effective Behavior Management…
This class explains why behavior management programs just don’t work… and also how they can!

Your Autobiography is not about You...                                      Values clarification – exploring the creation myth and the civil rights struggle of developmental services (mostly with stories) on a personal level… 

The Theatre Art of Applied Behavior Analysis...                                              Create your character and stick to the script… making your world a more consistent and coherent place. 

Success Scheduling...                                                                     Ready-to-use tool belt for structuring a learning environment that is positive, predictable, and engaging… 

Systems for Building Self Esteem...
You will leave this class feeling good, confident… and contagious.

A Hierarchy of Intervention...                                                      Here’s your blueprint for teaching replacement behaviors and skills. 

Easy & Meaningful Curricular Activities...                                 When you think about it, it is easier and better to do something than nothing. This class puts "something" at your fingertips. 

“3D” Data Collection & Analysis...                                                  Call us crazy! We don’t think paperwork is necessarily cumbersome, meaningless, or overwhelming… It can be poetry. 

At Times of Crises...                                                                          You are not there to control people but to demonstrate control of yourself. 

The Art and Science of Choice Consciousness...                                A vital Staff Training Dialogue

Time Together... Create a Staff Training Dialogue and make the best of it. 

How to Teach the Difficult to Teach... Learn how people learn. Then teach. 

“Why Can’t I Get Them to Do What I Want?” ...               Frequently and inevitably the question of compliance comes up. Too often, results of not teaching it effectively and respectfully are disastrous. This class may open your eyes. 

Too Much of a Bad Thing: Approaches toward Problem Behavior...                                                                                        Learn and practice valuable and do-able Positive Behavioral Support strategies.

Instructors: Chas Abate & Xavier Polk, PhD., 

Additional Topics and Consultations by Request


Our Mission:
"As a community, we build credibility into positive
self-images for all."

Additional Topics and Consultations by Request

You Can Help!

We accept and appreciate donations of any size or kind. All donations to CH&S are tax-deductible. CH&S is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.


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