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Community Homes and Services (CHAS) is a non profit organization based in Novato, California, devoted to the well being of people who have intellectual / developmental disabilities as well as behavioral (or other complex) needs. It also exists as a training and consultation resource for schools, service agencies, care homes, and families.

Two Specialized Day Programs

The CH&S Enterprise Day Program, opened in 1998, emphasizes our patently positive behavioral approach to teaching skills and building self esteem within a structured, engaging, and personalized environment. It is located at 405 Norman Drive in Novato, CA 94949. The Program Director is Harold Williams;  (415) 883-4048. 

The CH&S Life College was licensed in 2014. It offers a professionalized social milieu with a "graduate school" flavor within a comfortable and classy home/office setting. It is located at 837 Sweetser Street, Novato, CA 94945. Jennifer Harter is the Program Director; (415) 897-8676. 

Both Campuses Feature:

  • Individual Support Sessions (ISS): The person is regularly scheduled to dialogue with his/her "skilled listener." Within this process, he/she is assisted in designing elements of his/her own "program" among other things.
  • Small Groups (Homerooms): The person routinely participates within small group forums for support, planning, collaborating, etc.
  • Independent Studies (Projects): The person is mentored and availed with time and resources for pursuing interests, enterprises, research, etc.
  • Curriculum (Classes): The curriculum is extensive, balanced, substantive, and varied to include vocational, educational, social, and practical skills. Students earn certificates in Cultural Literacy, Professionalism, Academic Achievements, and more. Our classes are classy!
  • Community Involvement: We are way beyond simply "community access". We orchestrate personalized opportunities for meaningful community participation with an emphasis upon citizenship. 
  • Employment Opportunities: Authentic and viable paid-work experiences are created and promoted.
  • Social Scene: It means a lot to have a place where you feel safe, accepted, productive, respected, and appreciated.

This is what we say every day…

  • These are my people. I’m here for them. They’re here for me.
  • I enjoy them. They enjoy me.
  • We work things out. We get things done.
  • I like where I’m at.
  • I like myself.
  • I like my life.
  • I am making progress.
  • I am looking forward to_______________.
  • I am having fun!
  • I feel safe.
  • I can say what I feel.
  • I can help others.
  • I can understand.
  • I can plan...
  • I have a vote.
  • I can accept reality.
  • I can be reasonable.
  • I care about others.
  • I appreciate others.
  • I know where I stand.
  • I know where I am heading.
  • I know where I’ve been.
  • I am focused.
  • I have power.
  • I can handle power.
  • I am responsible.
  • This is real!

We know we're not objective but we think our Day Programs are unique (not to mention elegant)... to see what we mean...

You just have to be here!

call (707) 953-3852 if you want to take the tour.




CHAS clients

You Can Help!

We accept and appreciate donations of any size or kind. All donations to CH&S are tax-deductible. CH&S is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.

PO Box 744, Novato, CA 94948


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