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Our approach emphasizes a very powerful connection between BELIEF and BEHAVIOR.

People BELIEVE messages about themselves that they get from their environment.

People BEHAVE consistently with messages about themselves that they BELIEVE.

Every person who receives a service from CH&S comes to us with an informational packet a foot high that defines them by their disabilities, misbehaviors, and limiting conditions.

These understandably are the messages about themselves that they BELIEVE… and often they BEHAVE accordingly.

The Positive Personal Profile (PPP) is a simple one-page document that focuses upon the person, accentuating his/her qualities and potential in strictly positive terms. The very purpose of our environment is to make that PPP live and breathe! Everyone at CH&S has a PPP. Here are some examples:

Karen Trendle ( a big Beatle fan, by the  way!) Karen

KarenAcross the whole universe, Karen is one of the beautiful people. How she looks is way beyond compare. There is something in the way she moves that is guaranteed to make you smile! 

Karen can always take a sad song and make it better, speaking words of wisdom such as "let it be," "all you need is love," and the one thing she will tell you is "you got to be free." 

is part of everything
knows the walruses from the egg men
sees the world spinning 'round
is certainly not a girl who misses much
and we love her!!


Courtney MacDougall Courtney

CourtneyCourtney MacDougall makes CH&S a happier place. She does it with her smile, her kindness, her wit, and her contagious positive attitude.

Courtney can always be counted upon to do a good job. She is a great role model as she keeps it professional; she keeps it fun; and she has a healthy lifestyle.

Courtney has many skills and interests. She is an expert when it comes to country music and John Travolta movies among other things.

is efficient and productive
is intelligent and insightful
is compassionate
is charming
is beautiful
is classy


James Mendoza James

JuanJuan is an extremely intelligent, industrious, and independent person. He is the consummate “handy man” who cannot only fix things but also possesses an amazing ability to create beautiful things such as miniature carnival rides that are quite intricate.

Juan has a delightful sense of humor and a charm that is all his own. He is a person who is immediately likeable. Another thing that can be said for Juan is that whatever job he is given, he always does his best.

is professional
is friendly
is smart
is capable
is respectful of others
is cool!


David Friedlander David

David F.You cannot think of David Friedlander without hearing the sweetest music this side of heaven… Guy Lombardo, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra… The man has taste!

If you are interested in knowing about Bay Area sports, he is absolutely the man you need to see. And did we mention? There isn’t a puzzle on the planet this guy can’t put together. In fact, David Friedlander is indeed a Renaissance Man… with more talents and interests than you can count!

On top of all that, he is maybe most admired for the excellent example he sets for others with his professionalism, his listening skills, and his integrity.

is elegant
is very intelligent
is caring & considerate
is a fascinating conversationalist
is a negotiator
is an aficionado extraordinaire!


Thomas Vesser Thomas
ThomasThomas Vesser is a truly class act. He is what everyone looks for in a professional: intelligent, compassionate, poised, and fun to be around. He definitely brings out the best in others… and he does it in his own unique and compelling style. On top of being a great worker, Thomas is known as a dedicated and talented artist. He is also respected for his skills as a diplomatic problem-solver and he is sought out for his amazing wit. is kind and considerate
is a great listener
is friendly and funny
is an excellent role model
is wise and insightful
is very patient and reasonable


John Gunion John
John GunionJohn is a valuable addition to any community because he models happiness and joy. He is blessed with an enormous capacity to appreciate and, in return, he is appreciated and dearly loved by all. John is truly a uniter; not a divider. His list of pastimes and passions just keeps growing and growing. He loves books, basketball, and participating in classes, to name a few. Everything John does, he does with a “good feeling” that is both contagious and downright inspirational. loves his family
loves to laugh
loves to dance
loves women
loves Da Bears

Is all about love!


Yvette Scholtz Yvette

YvetteYvette is a woman with an unforgettable personality and a flair for both fashion and philosophy. She is a woman of many talents, interests, insights, and accomplishments. She is a very good artist, a maker of beautiful jewelry, and a lover of beautiful music.

In addition, she consistently demonstrates academic excellence. Yvette likes to exercise and eat right and it shows… because she looks great. Yvette is appreciated for her wonderful ability to appreciate others and the humor in things. 

is fun to be with
is a lively wit
is a success!
is an excellent role model
is a productive professional
is a caring and compassionate friend.


Jake Severin Jake

Jake SeverinLadies and gentlemen, we have a superhero in our midst! Jake possesses all of the qualities and all of the powers you want in a superhero.

He is kind and understanding toward others, always willing to share, always willing to care, always does his part, and always keeps his word. Everyone feels better when Jake is around!

is a family man
is a professional
is so good looking
is a real swashbuckler
is a star student
is a comedian


Katie Church Katie

Eva LeaKatie is blessed with unforgettable charisma. Just to know her is to like her... She makes it so easy. 

Katie definitely brings out the best in others with her charm, kindhearted grace, and thoughtfulness. She is fun to be around and makes everyone feel included. 

Katie really takes funny to the next level. Just when you least suspect it, she will pop in with something hilarious that will have the whole room rolling. She promotes cheer wherever she goes!

is a star!
is devoted to her friends and family
is silly and fun
is cool and classy
is "the hostess with the hostess"


Success Scheduling at CH&S

Remember that people believe messages about themselves that they receive from their environment; and they behave consistently with messages about themselves that they believe!

CH&S is an environment. As such, we recognize that we are in a powerful position to assist people in defining themselves by their positive attributes; thereby breeding self-fulfilled prophesies of happy, productive citizens!

To do this, we rely heavily upon schedules that bring out these positive attributes in no uncertain terms because people know who they are by what they do. I can swear up and down that you are a fisherman; but you will not believe it unless, at some point in time, you notice that you are actually fishing! Success Scheduling is a blueprint and a belief system for structuring up a genuinely positive, purposeful, and enriched learning environment.

Here are the components to the Success Scheduling Model:

1. Positive Personal Profile… The PPP is that one page blurb about the person in clear and credible terms. It is the message that you and your environment needs to “sell”. Everything predicates from this.

2. Functional Analysis… Identify the function of behavior within context. Identify accordingly skills and replacement behaviors to teach. Determine accordingly effective and consistent reactions and “preactions”.

3. Activity Logs… Keep a running record of Activities offered and those in which the person participated. Reference this information when creating menus and/or planning schedules; and in evaluating effectiveness, etc. Share this information with the person so that he has a chronological sense (and appreciation) of his engagement level.

4. Reinforcement Menu… List reinforcers specific to the person and rank according to potency. Continue to add to the menu as more reinforcers are identified.

5. Menu of Schedule Options… Create an individualized list of activities, events, etc. to draw from when making daily / weekly schedules. Rank these schedule options by category, probability of engagement, and preference level of prescribed reinforcer.

6. Daily Schedule… Draw from the above Menus to schedule blocks of time with the person within a format that is positive and constructive. This is a collaborative, but guided, effort. You want the person to have a sense of ownership in the schedule. Use the probabilities and the reinforcers you’ve identified in striving to accomplish high rates of engagement within a variety of activity categories. Once you have a schedule, you have a script.

7. Skills & Replacement Behavior Training… If the person is, for the most part, actively engaged, that’s great! Now that you have his/her attention, positive activities that allow for systematic instruction should be incorporated and reinforced within the schedule. We can’t really expect people to use these replacement behaviors & skills if they haven’t received training and practice in them.

8. Weekly Schedules… Seek to set up reliable routines (e.g. Tuesday=Library). This makes your job easier because you are dealing with less of a “blank page” and more of a “filling in the blanks”. It also helps to relax the person to see that his/her life is taking on some kind of predictable order and routine… and that his/her successes are being generalized.

9. Meetings, Forums, Reference Points… Keep all the team members AND THE PERSON in the loop. Schedule frequent schedule reviews. Punctuate time with visits and revisits to the schedule. The regular schedule planning sessions are ideal times to reinforce the person for adherence to the schedule and for practicing replacement behaviors that they will be using that day.

10. End of Day Routine… For the schedule to be meaningful, it must be the mindset of staff members who are clear, organized, focused, and in synch. A formal and functional system should exist for conducting a data-based, clinical/training dialogue (e.g. at the beginning or end of shift).

This approach is effective within day program and residential settings and is strongly recommended within 1 to 1 service arrangements.

Enroll in the CH&S Success Scheduling Course for CEUs and receive a Success Scheduling Kit which includes, Forms, Curricula, and Samples.

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